Tuesday, March 8, 2011

People Don't Change

I'm sure to most reading this, they will disagree. That people can and do for in fact change. My relationships with people throughout my life have showed me that people are the way they are from the moment they are born until the day they die. Humans can aclimate, accept or tolerate, but changing is not in our nature. A palm tree taken from a warm climate and replanted in a cold climate, is still a palm tree, even if it thrives, it's still a palm tree, it will never be an evergreen.

Too many times, women convince themselves that they can change a man. Not true ladies, you cannot change a man (I always say, an alcoholic who doesn't drink anymore, is an alcoholic who doesn't drink anymore. He has not changed, he is still an alcoholic, just doesn't drink anymore.) If he has always disappointed you, he will always disappoint you. The problem is that people continue to disappoint themselves, by hoping and praying that friends, colleagues, loved ones even acquaintances will one day change whatever their negative behaviour is, whether it be minor offences like lying, tardiness or constantly canceling get-togethers at the last minute or more serious offences like stealing or cheating.

Always remember that you are not a valid reason why another human should modify what you perceive as negative behaviour. People will only do this at a time of their choosing based on a reason of their choosing. Accept people for who they are, good and bad and know that whatever qualities they possess, you either live and put up with or don't have that person in your life altogether.MM

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