Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just Do It!

We all know the slogan of a very famous sports company that tells us to just do it. This slogan is not only limited to sports but to other aspects of life as well. I learned how to swim in the deep end of a pool by being pushed in. (Of course my instructor was close by, in case of emergency) however, she felt that unless I went in full steam ahead, my humming and hahing would prevent me from learning this important skill.

How many times have you wanted to do something, only to find yourself being held back by one thing or another.

Whether it's fear, procrastination, laziness or self-doubt, always remember, the only way to overcome these feelings and to truly follow your hearts desire is by taking a chance. It's great to dip your toes into a pool to test the temperature of the water, but the only way your body will acclimate is by jumping in. The same can be said of life, the only way you are ever going to know if you are good at something, meant to do something or interested in something is to just do it!

As long you have an idea, you have a plan, follow your heart's desire and you will surprise yourself and those around you. M.

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