Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Daughter's Loc Journey

I could see the war definitely was becoming a battle to do my daughter's hair. It didn't matter how gentle I was (and I was very gentle) with combing her hair, the ooohhs and owwws didn't stop. My husband had suggested locing her hair, but I came up with excuses...she won't have styling options...she's too young...what would people think of me locing my child's hair...the excuses went on and on. Then, I decided to do some research, the same way I had done before locing my hair. Let me tell you, the internet can be a wonderful place. The amount of resources I found to help me with my decision not only to loc her hair, but also what method to start with and maintain her locs were unending. I finally decided to loc her hair starting with two strand twists. Below is a video I made of the process. MM


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