Sunday, September 6, 2009

The White Standard

Many blacks look down on the achievements of people of their own kind, but will sing praises of adoration for white people. Blacks have attained numerous distinguished achievements, however, many of our own have come to believe (whether by upbringing, the media or personal beliefs) that black accomplishments are not as impressive as those of white people. Unfortunately, this serves to diminish our spirits, belittle our accomplishments and keeps us from advancing not only in society but in the eyes of other cultures. Black people have been responsible for numerous advancements, and it's time we stopped looking to our white counterparts for validation.

Having black friends, dating black men and working for black establishments are all things we should be proud of and celebrate. There exists a myth that all white people are wealthy, successful and are heirs to great inheritances. This is about as true as the idea that all black people can sing, dance and love fried chicken. It's time we realized that for all black mediocrity and failure, just as much can be said for our white counterparts, but for as much success as white people have achieved, there is an equal amount of success by blacks.

Employing a white standard ensures that no matter how high a standard of success we attain as a people, we have achieved nothing at all. Instead, looking at an achievement as an achievement, encourages us to strive for excellence and a greater sense of pride.MM

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